{Bloggers Application}

 APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED (for now) thank you all!! ♥

Hello Bloggers, 
Some of you have asked me to enter in my group and I promised an application. Now as promised I inform you that the app is online.
I have often worked with bloggers. As soon as they gained a bit of popularity, they began to snub the little shops to devote himself to the famous shops.
For this reason I decided to write a few rules. Read before making the application.
If we still want to help me improve my products and my brand, then you will be welcome.
I believe that in order to cooperate in the best way we should compare and help each other. If you have advice to offer, suggestions, ideas or constructive criticism, please do not hesitate to let me know! It will be helpful to improve my skills and the quality of the products.

Bloggers Requirements: 
~♥~ Your blog has to have been open, and active, for at least 6 months.
~♥~ If your blog will be inactive for more than 4 weeks (without warning me in advance that you will not be able to post), you will be removed from the group. 
~♥~ Your blog and your sense of style will be considered before accepting the application. It is not required a style of high fashion. Will be considered the creativity and inventiveness in the show and match products. 
 ~♥~ The pictures of your blog should have a decent display quality. They must show the details. Often I create accessories, I prefer bloggers who know how to show every product, from clothes to polish nails, from the eyes to the earrings.
 ~♥~ You need to make at least one post per month on one or more products.
I understand you can't like all items. So I don't ask you to blog every product that I send you. But keep in mind that you are making the application. If you can't keep the commitment, refrain from making the app. I send to you my products for free in return I only ask you to do your part as a blogger.

~♥~ Galactia Emerald, is the owner of the store. There are no other active members of the staff. For anything please contact me via notecard. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the products, please send me a notecard with your name on it and your idea or opinion.

Bloggers get fatpacks of all new releases or choose what they like to blogging from my products. You don't have to blogging everything I give you. When the post is done, please use the group notice (if you are in the group) for notify me or send me a notecard with the info. I have a flickr/facebook group and you will also add the photo here: FLICKR - FB

These rules are subject to change or added.

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