{.::GalaFashionDesign::.} is a fashion brand with different styles.
I love to create and experiment, for change every day. 

This brand was born in 2010 with the only purpose to express my immagination, my emotions and my vision of this fantasy world. My products reflect me and my spirit. 

The store grows with me and my experience, for reach the best quality, behind my products there is an hard work and a search for learn and improve my skills. I'm working for give you brand new and high quality stuff.

I continue to do it, for give a small moment of happiness to who will choose to wear my works!

Since this year (2014) I start with this new adventure: making 100% Original mesh handmade stuff.
I try every day for make my NEW products originally.

                                                                                              Galactia Emerald 

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