domenica 22 dicembre 2013

Bloggers Application!

Hello Bloggers, I apologize for the wait.  
Some of you have asked me to enter in my group and I promised an application. During this period there have been many events, and I was busy. Now as promised I inform you that the app is online.
I was very pleased to receive your notecards and I would not have ever hoped for.
I have often worked with bloggers. As soon as they gained a bit of popularity, they began to snub the little shops to devote himself to the famous shops. 
For this reason I decided to write a few rules. Read before making the application.  
If we still want to help me improve my products and my brand, then you will be welcome.  
I believe that in order to cooperate in the best way we should compare and help each other. If you have advice to offer, suggestions, ideas or constructive criticism, please do not hesitate to let me know! It will be helpful to improve my skills and the quality of the products.

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